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Operate Your Water System at Maximum Efficiency!

See How Much You Could Save

Save energy, money, and time with Statewide WISE!

The Statewide Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency (SW WISE) Program assists Water/Wastewater pumping customers in identifying energy efficiency solutions, securing incentives to help offset installation costs, and providing engineering services. If your facility is within the Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas or San Diego Gas & Electric service areas you may qualify to participate.

The Program is a specialized solution that offers no-cost engineering services, project support and incentives to:

Water & Wastewater Agencies

Private Water Companies

Local Government Agencies

Special Districts

Joint Power Authorities

Oil and Gas Customers

Other Pumping and Treatment Customers

Water Investor-Owned Utilities

For Water Systems

Pump overhaul/rightsizing, pump sequencing, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and overall pump system control optimization.

Lincus uses operational information to evaluate how customers are consuming energy and discover ways they can save by installing different energy efficient technologies and strategies.

The Program focuses on both equipment efficiency improvements, as well as system/treatment process optimization measures.

For Wastewater Systems

Aeration blowers, mixers, pumps, boilers and fans retrofits, wastewater process controls, VFDs on process equipment, and pump efficiency improvements.

Participants can reach their energy goals in three ways:

Incorporating energy-efficient technologies

Reducing energy costs (both electric and natural gas)

Reducing annual operation and maintenance costs

(626) 473-2093


The program is available in Southern California Edison Company (SCE), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Gas Company (SCG), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) service areas. SCE, on behalf of itself, PG&E, SCG, and SDG&E, has contracted with Lincus Inc. (Lincus) to design and implement an energy efficiency program and to deliver the resulting energy and demand savings to SCE. Lincus’ program is a statewide program for qualifying Water/Wastewater Pumping customers. Customers receive services and/or compensation directly, or indirectly, from Lincus based on individual agreements between the customer and Lincus or Lincus’ subcontractors (Customer Implementer Agreement). SCE is not a party to, or a guarantor of, the Customer Implementer Agreement. SCE has no contractual obligation, directly or indirectly, to the customer. SCE is not liable for any actions or inactions of Lincus, Lincus’ subcontractors, or any program Trade Allies. SCE does not recommend, endorse, qualify, guarantee or make any representations or warranties regarding the services, work, quality, financial stability or performance of Lincus, Lincus’ subcontractors, or any program Trade Allies, or any service listed on Lincus’ website or provided, directly or indirectly, by Lincus. Prior to entering into a Customer Implementer Agreement, customers should thoroughly review the terms and conditions of such Customer Implementer Agreement so they are fully informed of their rights and obligations under the Customer Implementer Agreement, and should perform their own research and due diligence, and obtain multiple bids or quotes when seeking a contractor to perform work of any type. Lincus is responsible for meeting their contractual obligations to SCE. If Lincus fails to meet their contractual obligations to SCE under their agreement with SCE, SCE may have the right to terminate the agreement between SCE and Lincus.