Problem: Many companies use more energy than necessary because energy efficiency is not integrated into daily management practices.

Solution: Strategic energy management (SEM) is a long-term approach to energy efficiency that includes setting goals, tracking progress, and reporting results. SEM is a general term for a structured, long-term management plan to make cultural changes resulting in continual improvements in energy performance. SEM approaches vary by state and implementation consultant. Available resources on SEM include:
ISO 9001’s (Quality Management) plan-do-check-act approach;
Energy Star’s Guidelines for Energy Management (see graphic);
Continuous Energy Improvement white papers and articles by ACEEE, Investor Owned Utilities Department of Energy (DOE), NEEP, NEEA, NREL, CEE, AESP, NBI, etc.);
DOE Data Driven SEM; and
CA Industrial SEM Design Guide.

International Standards Organization (ISO) 50001, which is an international standard focusing on best practices in energy management, was developed in 2011 and updated in 2018. ISO 50001 is:
A standardized and repeatable process to implement SEM in Commercial, Industrial, and Public Sectors.
Designed to allow an organization to manage their business more strategically.
A method to create an organizational culture for SEM
An approach to providing a specific direction to every level of the Energy Group with a mission, a purpose, and goals

In 2017, in recognition of the importance of SEM and ISO 50001, the DOE developed a step-by-step method to become a self-certified ISO 50001 company called 50001 Ready Navigator. An overview of the ISO 50001 and Ready Navigator process is shown below:

Lincus’ team of skilled consultants, engineers, and analysts have a mix of expertise uncommon in the energy industry – we are highly-proficient in the building simulation and design of energy-efficiency programs with extensive hands-on experience in energy-engineering-based mechanical construction projects. Lincus utilizes its skills and experience in order to assist its customers on becoming ISO 50001 self-certified by DOE.

We want to help you become optimally energy efficient.  Contact us for solutions and more information on energy efficiency and strategic energy management.