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Sabarish Vinod

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Sabarish Vinod


As Director of New Products and Services, Sabarish Vinod leads Lincus’ expansion into new markets and in the design of new offerings. His focus is on driving development of solutions that break down barriers to customer participation in energy-efficiency programs. He strives to support utility, industrial and commercial clients meet their energy efficiency goals by conducting emerging and advanced technology research, providing technical assistance, and implementing energy efficiency programs.

Having worked on many water and wastewater system optimization projects to help clients optimize operations through energy-efficiency improvements, Sabarish sees evidence that utilities and private customers are recognizing the value of innovative energy management practices and technologies in meeting strategic goals. To support this shift, Sabarish works with clients to identify needed energy efficiency measures and quantify savings from new products and services. He oversees quality control reviews of projects, researches renewable technologies, and develops demand response and demand side programs for major utilities. He also provides oversight of existing technical offerings in various service territories across the United States.

Sabarish has performed a wide range of energy engineering functions, including site assessments, energy analysis, spreadsheet energy simulation modeling, utility bill analysis, project development, and RFP response preparation. He has provided technical and policy support for energy efficiency and demand response programs as a subject matter expert on complex technologies and system optimizations.

He also holds experience helping industrial customers review technology and process options, productivity improvements and overall solutions development to be included with the customer’s capital budgeting process.

Sabarish has a patent pending on a remote pump monitoring device for oil and water pumps. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calicut in India and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.