Imperial Irrigation District | El Centro/La Quinta CA

Numerous seminars on energy efficiency topics included:

Facility Automation System Technology and Benefits:
Examine the use of a Facility Automation System (FAS) to optimize the energy consumption of HVAC, lighting, and electrical equipment. We’ll discuss integration with fire, security, and other systems; share options for interoperability between various FAS manufacturers; and present the strategies for cutting costs through re-commissioning.

Benchmarking Your Buildings Operations and Maintenance Costs: Get the background on what benchmarking is and how you can use it to make better budgeting decisions, attain more efficient operation, schedule repairs and replacements, and enhance trouble-shooting.

Project Financing and Economic Considerations:
Explore ways to obtain your much-needed mechanical upgrade when capital dollars are not available! Topics covered include financing options, what items can be included in the financed package, and requirements you’ll need to meet.

IID Energy – Valuable Incentive Programs:
If you are a commercial or industrial customer, learn how you can save through our improved energy efficiency programs. Take advantage of these incentives to upgrade your mechanical systems and improve energy efficiency.

Chilled Water Systems: Performance, Testing, and Opportunities
If your building is medium to large in size with a chilled water based air conditioning system, you’ll learn ways to optimize your its performance through enhanced testing, efficiency discrepancies, and low Delta-T syndrome and solutions.

Benefits of Variable Speed Drives:
Discover how you can save as much as 50% of end-use energy by adjusting the speed of a pump, fan, or compressor motor according to the load. Get the basics of variable speed drives including benefits, how they work, when to use VSDs on fans and pumps, and how to pre-qualify VFD applications.

High Efficiency Lighting Systems:
Learn about eligible lighting technologies, rebate amounts, technology comparisons, installation issues, and economics.

Commissioning and Retro-commissioning Your Buildings:
If part of your responsibilities include ensuring that your HVAC system performs according to design, we’ll review with you how to save as much as 20% of your energy costs while producing a better working environment for occupants.

Industrial Refrigeration Controls:
Learn how to help reduce the payback time of your refrigeration system investment through IID Energy's Custom Solutions Program.

New Construction Energy Efficiency Beyond Title 24:
Find out if you are eligible to save through this extremely economical program, along with the incentive amounts available.