Arizona Public Service | Phoenix, AZ

Lincus developed and presented multiple all day training sessions on Energy Management for Arizona Public Service Company’s customers. Topics covered included: Pump Systems Energy Efficiency Improvements, Retro-commissioning of Building Systems, Water and Wastewater Facility Energy Management.  More specifically, retro-commissioning training sessions included the benefits of retro-commissioning and commissioning of electrical, mechanical, controls and most energy consuming sections of commercial and industrial buildings.  Attendees learned about definition of retro-commissioning, functional testing of HVAC systems and main areas of energy savings while keeping their buildings operating at their optimum levels.  As part of this training presentation, Lincus reviewed retro-commissioning guidelines various building types, functional testing forms, monitoring and verification requirements as well as all tools such as data loggers and data analysis methods.

Our goal was to deliver a series of complex training objectives to a diverse audience at a pace acceptable to all professional backgrounds (building managers, owners, architects, engineers and electric utility program managers) in attendance while exhibiting the expertise necessary to provide validity to our abilities.  This training included reducing energy consumption, reducing operating and maintenance costs from optimized operations, operating existing systems efficiently, and adding new systems or improving existing systems to make better energy efficient system choices.