Advanced Pump Efficiency Program
with Continuous Monitoring

Water pumping customers within the agricultural, municipal and industrial sectors provide a unique opportunity to have significant impact in demand and consumption reduction through efficient pumping systems.  This unique program provides automated notices to customers on the condition of their pumps if their pump efficiency falls below a benchmark efficiency level.  This program’s implementation plan focuses on the water pumping and irrigation sectors as a resource program, describing the specific targets and metrics used.

This program’s integrated energy efficiency and Smart Grid approach combines continuous information from pump operation and pump test results as well as traditional measures such as pump system upgrades with strategies to educate and train customers and pump service contractors in managing or reducing energy demand during peak periods. By combining these approaches, customers receive a comprehensive solution for managing energy costs while helping the utility better respond to peak demand conditions.

While the Program’s implementation focuses on energy efficiency, it also emphasizes integrated solutions in proper sequence (energy efficiency, demand response solutions, and pump equipment inventory solutions) as well as taking the proper steps in integrating with field data and the utility’s smart meters. This multifaceted approach is developed to support the most cost-effective and satisfactory energy and financial solutions for irrigation and water pumping customers while providing the utility with substantial load reduction and cost avoidance strategy.