Smart Grid Integration With Energy Efficiency
and Demand Response

Current Situation:

At present, utilities are able to provide general information from their electric meters about customers’ energy use. This highly general information is neither actionable nor useful. There is no actionable notification for customers to take action such as repairing, upgrading or testing their equipment for maximum and continuous savings.  There are numerous new and existing technologies for energy efficiency and demand response that open opportunities for integration with the SG to more effectively save energy and reduce peak demands.

In addition, most utilities with significant Smart Meter installations so far have not capitalized on making use of available information toward a specific action by their customers. Some utilities are providing interval data, energy use charts and consumption statistics through their Smart Meters. However, this type of information is not actionable or useful for customers.


Lincus proposes to use existing technologies and its internally developed energy efficiency software expertise to allow utilities and customers to become active participants in managing energy use with the dynamic information from the utility’s Smart Meter.  Prior to this point, utilities have only been using their SG and Metering infrastructure for information gathering and share non-actionable data with customers.  With Lincus’ integrated SG, EE (and DR) approach in selected end-uses, we are assisting utilities provide actionable notices via e-mail signals that result in energy cost savings and demand reduction from the existing SG data and customer’s equipment.