Porterville Development Center

Project Feasibility Study


The Porterville Development Center is a rehabilitation and treatment center for patients of all types of illnesses and disabilities. The PDC is composed of many buildings which include residence hall; training; administrative; laundry; pool; gymnasium and auditorium building, totalling about 1,101,250 bullet feet. Lincus was called upon to prepare a Program Analysis Report to give the customer and its personnel all possibilities for energy-efficiency improvements at their center.


A total of 13 different energy-efficiency measures (EEM's) were identified in Lincus' energy analysis.

When all recommended measures are implemented, the cumulative payback will be 4.8 years, including the utility incentives of $477,957. Also, with these new measures in place, this facility will save approximately 9.3% of total annual usage of kWh of electricity and 20% on total annual gas consumption.