Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Pasadena, CA

Detailed Energy-Efficiency Survey and Modeling


Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), located in Pasadena, California, conducts research for NASA in various aspects of its space exploration and similar technological programs. Building 182 on the JPC campus was in need of a detailed energy analysis in order to determine potential energy-saving projects using the most cost-effective and energy-efficient methods. This nine-story facility was built in 1965 and covered 96,483 square feet.


In conjunction with Southern California Edison Industrial Energy-Efficiency Program which assists SCE’s industrial-sector customers with productivity improvements and energy-savings investments, this energy engineering study included site inspections, and conversations with facility managers and plant operators to obtain the most detailed and hands-on background information.

From the subsequent study provided, Lincus’ energy-efficiency analysis included the following recommendations:

These improvements at JPL’s Building 183 save approximately 185,512 kWh of electricity per year, with a possible demand reduction of 29 kW, resulting in $17,475 in cost savings. These savings will result in an overall simple payback period of 10.8 years.