Imperial Irrigation District | Imperial, CA

Net Energy Metering Billing Software


Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is one among the public utilities in California serving the Imperial and Coachella valley areas in the south eastern part of California (Climate Zone 15) region. The region is widely known for its sunshine all throughout the year and numerous Photo Voltaic (PV) cell installations all throughout. Customer sites with PV cells are equipped with Net Energy Meters (NEM) to monitor their electrical consumption. These meters are different than the normal utility meters as they also monitor the energy generated by the PV cell. The existing SAP billing software used by IID did not have the capability to generate monthly utility bills and also perform true-ups at the end of the year for these NEM customers. The utility, in some cases, had certain customers who had not been billed for their energy for the past 2 years.    


Lincus developed a customized, interactive excel based NEM billing software tool with the following capabilities: