Glendale Water & Power | Glendale, CA.

Preliminary Engineering Audit of City of Glendale Buildings


Glendale Water & Power, one of the SCPPA utilities serving the northern LA region of Glendale, requested the service of Lincus engineers to provide a preliminary energy engineering audit of nearly 22 buildings within Glendale, CA. These buildings owned and maintained by the City of Glendale spans across a total gross area of 803,303 sq.ft with an estimated annual electric cost expenditure of approximately $ 2.205 million.


Lincus engineers performed the following tasks towards the completion of this project:

Lincus’ recommendations included 2,988,945 kWh of savings opportunities which in turn translated to about $490,198 in annual energy cost savings.

Estimated total worth of proposed energy projects were about $4,095,173 which in turn translated to about 7.9 years of time in average payback period including utility incentives of about $ 179,337 from Glendale Water & Power.