Development Design & Engineering
El Centro, California

Savings By Design Analysis

Development Design & Engineering, Inc. (DD&E) is the leading planning, project management, civil engineering, surveying, real estate and business development firm with offices in El Centro, California; Temecula, California and Yuma, Arizona. DD&E was planning to build a 4,993 square ft. building in El Centro, and was in need of undergoing a Base Model analysis to develop cost-effective energy-efficiency measures.


DD&E was evaluated for IID energy-efficiency incentives as part of the New Construction Energy Efficiency Program (NCEEP). A model was developed using the Energy Pro 4.3, providing calculations for T-24 energy-efficiency improvements over the original baseline model. Lincus' analysis of the proposed facility utilizing the existing floor plans and comprehensive energy modeling indicated that the building is better than Title-24 by 21%.

Some key energy features of the planned building in the initial design package are:

If the additional recommended energy-efficiency measures are implemented, the building will best Title-24 by 21% with IID owner incentives of $2,819 and design team incentives of $1,762. The simple payback, including IID incentives, is 8.8 years. Estimated annual energy savings with Lincus’ recommendations is $4,582.