BOC Air Separation Unit |City of Industry, California

Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Survey

BOC Air Separation Unit distills and distributes gases seven days a week, 24 hours a day from their facility in the City of Industry, California. The process takes in ambient air, cryogenically liquifies it, then runs it through a distillation column to separate it into three different gases (nitrogen, oxygen, and argon). These gases are then liquefied again and stored in large tanks at very low temperatures to preserve quality. The facility also has storage capacity available for different gases, including liquefied helium which arrives to them already produce to be routedto other destinations.

BOC Air Separation unit was in need of a demand-response audit to help control their overall energy consumption and expense.

Lincus Energy was called upon to perform a detailed demand-response audit of the entire facility. As a part of this audit, Lincus helped facilitate a controlled plant shut-down and start-up process to quantify the average and peak demand-response opportunity. After observing the plant shut-down and start-up process, as well as the available storage capacity for the three different gases produced at the plant, Lincus recommended 13,500 kW of demand- response with the addition of extra storage capacity. Specifically, it was determined that a 1,000 ton additional storage LIN tank would provide adequate storage capacity for two consecutive demand- response events.

In return for 13,500 kW of demand-response, the local utility was able to qualify for approximately $3,000,000 in rebate dollars from the Utility.