State of California | AB 32 Verification

Ensure that your comany is in compliance with new environmental
regulations by verifying your GHG emissions today.

California Air Resources Board


Climate change is one of the most critical environmental and business issues California companies face today. As a provision of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32), the California Air Resources Board (ARB) requires the mandatory reporting and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. California companies subject to mandatory reporting include: (i)

Even after companies report their GHG emissions to CARB, this information must be verified by an ARB-accredited verification body. Verification is option, though highly recommended, for 2009 (2008 reported emissions report), but is mandatory beginning in 2010 (2009 reported emissions). In addition, the facility must be in compliance with other portions of the regulation related to emissions reporting and data management.

Benefits of Lincus Verification Services:

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Lincus Can Assist With Regulatory Compliance

As an accredited California ARB verification body (Executive Order H-09-009), Lincus can assist your company with:

In addition, Lincus offers expert advice in state, federal and international climate policies and voluntary emission registries. Our clients are able to minimize the impact of carbon management legislation through our tested strategies, while analyzing cost-effective ways to manage GHG emissions and lower their operational cost in the process. Lincus focuses on providing individual attention to each GHG reporting or verification project, while providing excellent customer service with minimal on-site visits. Whether your company needs assistance in preparing your emissions report or full verification services, Lincus is qualified to help you succeed.

Lincus staffs a number of GHG verification consultants who are accredited by the State of California Air Resources Board for general and sector-specific verifications for stationary combustion, electricity transactions, and petroleum refining. Our certified consultants are experienced in providing quality verification and verification consulting services to help our clients meet the mandates required under California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32). Please contact us directly at 1-877-525-8898 for more information or to discuss your specific verification needs.